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Our Mission 

To help you recover faster and reach every single one of your fitness and wellness goals.
To give individuals with stressed and busy lives, effective solutions for physical and mental recovery.

We do this by utilizing the science-backed equipment to accelerate recovery. We understand the needs and priorities of individuals, athletes, and teams. 

To revolutionize recovery both physically and mentally by providing the best science-backed tools and resources to achieve and crush goals.


To be the best recovery home-base for the occasional gym-goer to high performing athletes. 

Our Vision 

Our Vision 

We're creating a world where recovery is prioritized and empowers individuals to reach every goal 

We were looking for a place or process or just something that would allow us to achieve more in life. 

That's where CHILLR was born. 

A studio that had all the recovery resources neccessary to take an individual from where they are to where they want to be. 

We wanted CHILLR to not only allow someone to recover physically, but also to chill, pump the brakes on life a bit, and regain some mental strength. 

CHILLR is the place where mental barriers can be broken and physical and mental recovery can actually work. 

Our Story

Ready to begin your recovery?

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