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CHILLR° Unlimited Membership

The greatest recovery tool: consistency

Pricing: $125/month

Sessions: once per day, everyday 

Cancel anytime 

Unlock a personalized and consistent recovery so you can crush every goal°

what is it?

You’re gonna love this. 

We designed the CHILLR Unlimited Membership to help you enhance muscle recovery, relieve pain and inflammation, detoxify your body, and boost mental health - consistently. 

For just $125/month, you’ll enjoy a daily 1-hour session using our top-tier recovery tools: ice baths, red light therapy, dry sauna, infrared sauna, and compression therapy.

Note that the hyperbaric chamber is not included in this membership.

Cancel at anytime - no strings attached. 


Once you are an Unlimited Member, you’ll have access to:


Daily Sessions: This includes up to one session per day, choosing from our range of recovery tools based on your needs.

Consistent Progress: Benefit from consistent recovery sessions to maintain and enhance your wellness journey. 

Future Benefits and SWAG: Becoming a CHILLR Unlimited Member allows you discounts for future SWAG, products and events. 

how it works

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